My Son

It’s time I write about my son. I need the world to know how blessed I am to be his mother.

Devin Isaiah- His first name is Irish and means poet, and his middle name is Hebrew and it means God is salvation. Never in all the world has a name been so perfect for a child. My son, since the day he came into this world has taught me so much. As my first child, I quickly learned how to put another’s needs before my own. The things that mattered to me before no longer were of concern to me, because I had this precious baby to care for. As I have watched him grow before my eyes, he developed the sweetest and silliest personality. Always touching things, always falling or running into something and always asking questions (and still does).

Life was not always easy for Devin. Up until the age of 6 we lived a life that was full of fear, heartache and many tears. I found myself in an abusive marriage with their father, and at the time, I was so young I did not know how to get out. So I stayed and due to that, some damage was done to my precious son. We had some fun times and good moments, however, not very many. Devin was strong, and he helped me so much. As a mother I often look back and feel horrible for the fact that I depended on him to help me feel better, because the truth is I should have been that to him. I am sure I was, more than I give myself credit for, sometimes I just think about him and how he was my reason for waking up in the morning, he taught me so much about love and even how to smile when times were hard and did not make sense.

Some time has passed and Devin is now 11, soon to be 12. Sometimes, I just listen to him and watch him and I see what a good boy he has become. I think to myself “wow, only by God’s grace did he turn out to be so wonderful.” The fact is, in society’s eyes, the odds are not in his favor. I thank God that I did finally choose to leave the marriage I was in at the time, so that my kids can have a fighting chance to witness what a real relationship should look like. I only advocate divorce if there is abuse or adultery involved, therefore I divorced. So that Devin knew that the way his father treated me, was not how a woman should have been treated. I wanted the cycle to stop with him. I realize he is still young and some may think, “well he isn’t done growing up yet.” However, I as well as many others, can see that Devin is solid. He will make mistakes along the way, but by no means will they ever come close to what he had to witness for 6 years.

My favorite things about him:

I love the way he loves his sister. I love the way he has embraced Quoc (my new and forever husband) as his father, this was done on his own and was never forced upon him. I love the way he rubs my belly before bed and says goodnight to his newest baby sister. I love the way, he will stop playing basketball to help a member of the opposite team who has fallen. I love that he can socialize with anybody. I love how he always befriends the child who nobody else will play with. I love how he longs to know more about God. I love the way he loves.

Blessed mother.


2 thoughts on “My Son

  1. Nancy says:

    Devin and Riley are definitely two of the coolest kids I know. You’ve done an amazing job raising those two! ❤

  2. marie says:

    So precious are the words of a mother! Love you Rosanna Maria!

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